Posted 4 days ago

rule of thumb if they eat unfrosted pop tarts don’t trust them

Posted 6 days ago

remember when “thirsty” just meant a strong desire for juice

Posted 1 week ago

don’t you ever say

i just walked away

i will always choose you

i came in like a pokeball

Posted 1 week ago

That few seconds right after you wake up every morning where you remember everything about you.

Posted 2 weeks ago

reverse poem

i am hungry

there is no doubt that

i am hungry

(read from bottom to top now)

Posted 3 weeks ago

what do you mean 7 was 2007 years ago

Posted 4 weeks ago

st patricks day

luck of the irish

four leaf clover 

kiss me i’m desperate

Posted 1 month ago
Posted 1 month ago

life of pi

Posted 1 month ago

why yes I do donate to the military

where do you think i got these cookies