Posted 2 days ago

sir you need to put that cheese sauce down because that is

Posted 4 days ago

baenarys targaryen

Posted 3 weeks ago

i hate when i text my bae and she’s all like

"who is this"


"how did you get this number"

Posted 1 month ago

why is the mascot for little caesar’s pizza always smiling 

does he not know yet

Posted 1 month ago

stefan: oh maleficent, if there was someone out there who loved you

maleficent: surprise, b****, i bet you thought you’d seen the last of me

Posted 1 month ago

wait does that make him a child predator

Posted 2 months ago

i just ate a fortune cookie whole

think about it

now i’ll never know what it said


Posted 2 months ago

thank you for holding

we appreciate your call

now please enjoy this 40 minute flute solo

Posted 2 months ago
  1. internet explorer: 5/20 blaze it
Posted 2 months ago

so apparently the population of the earth is growing

i just want to know when someone was going to take the time to inform me